Haitians in South Florida discuss culture, identity and discrimination

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  “Divisions in Haitian Culture” was a personal project that started as a way to find out more about my culture and heritage. I met many people whose stories made me think about my identity in a different way. By Fabienne Fleurantin South Florida Uncovered @SoFloUncovered • Facebook • Instagram To learn more about the life of other Haitian Read More

Hispanics talk Latino stereotypes and raise humorous contrasts

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 As we all know, South Florida is rich in Hispanic culture, especially in Miami. The city and its many neighborhoods—Bayside, Wynwood and South Beach, to name a few—are often filled with the smell of arroz con frijoles or empanadas and the sounds of salsa music and accents from all over Central and South America. Read More

Tattoo enthusiasts unite to fight Lyme disease

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Lauren Lovejoy had spent over a year bedridden, under the care of her parents. She’d seen more than 60 medical practitioners who’d diagnosed her with psychosomatic issues or generalized anxiety. Some said she wasn’t sick at all. None had been able to diagnose her with what she really had: Lyme disease. By Janel Rizzo South Florida Uncovered @SoFloUncovered • Facebook • Instagram Read More

Local Fort Lauderdale church turned cinema has a rich history

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In downtown Fort Lauderdale, squeezed between a courthouse and parking garage in the shadows of towering skyscrapers, stands a little white church. This church does what others cannot: stand against the test of time and the encroachment of new development. The 1926 Great Miami Hurricane, brought death and destruction to many parts of South Florida. Read More

Kendall Indian Hammocks Park has a skating oasis in its heart

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 Located almost precisely in the center of its 116.5 acres, Kendall Indian Hammocks Park contains one of less than a handful of skate facilities in Miami-Dade County open to all ages and skill levels. Every day, skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX bikers converge on the 14,000-square-foot fenced-in area to sharpen their skills on concrete Read More