Haitians in South Florida discuss culture, identity and discrimination

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“Divisions in Haitian Culture” was a personal project that started as a way to find out more about my culture and heritage. I met many people whose stories made me think about my identity in a different way.

By Fabienne Fleurantin
South Florida Uncovered
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To learn more about the life of other Haitian individuals, I decided to speak with people of Haitian descent about their experiences living in America and, more specifically, in South Florida.

All had different stories–where we started, where we’ve been, how we got there and where we’re going. Haitian culture is complex; it is rich, unique and warm, but it’s also as exclusionary as it is inclusive.

But one thing was common among all those interviewed–the adventure and respect shared by all Haitians. No one journey is the same, but each path creates an individual and their character.