Hispanics talk Latino stereotypes and raise humorous contrasts

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As we all know, South Florida is rich in Hispanic culture, especially in Miami. The city and its many neighborhoods—Bayside, Wynwood and South Beach, to name a few—are often filled with the smell of arroz con frijoles or empanadas and the sounds of salsa music and accents from all over Central and South America.

By Amanda Gala, Clementina Machado, Elizabeth Soza
South Florida Uncovered
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In recent years, Hispanics have endured many harsh stereotypes. We have been called crooks, illegal immigrants and rapists. The Hispanic community’s response to these accusations have banded us together to prove society wrong.

But did you know that, as Hispanics, we stereotype each other as well?

South Florida Uncovered took to the streets of Miami to uncover exactly what people from various Latin countries—including Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua and Argentina—think each other. Straight from the mouths of Hispanic citizens, we learned about stereotypes—some known and some new—regarding character, work ethic, hobbies and food.

Participants were told the project was meant as a humorous and lighthearted take on what Latinos think of each other. Some participants were more than willing to share their opinions; others were hesitant and reserved. Light insults were thrown amid compliments and praise. Many people, however, were unwilling to talk or participate.

These answers were not easy to get.

At the end of every interview, participants were asked one final question: “What is a stereotype you tend to hear about Hispanics in general?” The responses, although slightly varied, all had the same ending: We are tough, hard workers who stick up for each other when needed.